Why diets don’t work

There are so many diets which all promise you will lose lots of weight and ‘feel fantastic’.

They include the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet, the cabbage soup diet, the celery stick diet, detox diet, no carbs diet, fruit diet, and the list goes on…

You can spend a long time bouncing on and off diets, and you might blame yourself for not sticking with it, but the fact is … the diet failed you.

This fact sheet has been developed by Youthblock Youth Health Service, Sydney Local Health District for the Yhunger program.

What is dieting?

Dieting is restricting what you eat, whether it is the overall amount or particular groups of foods or skipping certain meals.

When you restrict, you feel physically and emotionally deprived. You feel hungry, you might start to crave food, and this may lead to overeating or binge eating because you feel so bad.

Dieting is not the solution. It can be part of the problem. The more you diet, the harder it becomes to lose weight.


Why do people start a diet?

  • They feel unhappy with their body weight or shape.
  • Social and cultural pressure to be thin.
  • To avoid weight gain after binge eating.