Smart fast food choices

You may think fast food or takeaway is the cheapest or easiest way to eat. But these foods are high in salt, fat and sugar, with little nutrition.

This fact sheet has been developed by Youthblock Youth Health Service, Sydney Local Health District for the Yhunger program.

Which foods are fast foods?

  • hot chips and fries, potato scallops, potato gems, prawn crackers
  • burgers, fried chicken, nuggets
  • pizza, garlic bread
  • sausage rolls and pies
  • fish and chips
  • sundaes and thickshakes
  • fried spring rolls
  • kebabs
  • premade Indian and Asian hot meals, e.g. curry, noodles

If you do buy fast food, remember:

  • avoid deep fried foods
  • don’t supersize
  • add salad.

What can you eat instead?

Making your own meals is even better than takeaway but sometimes you just want something quick and you want it now!

With a little thought, you can easily make some smarter fast food choices. See over the page for suggestions of healthier choices you can make at fast food shops.