Breaking the fast = breakfast

This fact sheet has been developed by Youthblock Youth Health Service, Sydney Local Health District for the Yhunger program.

Why eat breakfast?

Breakfast means “breaking the fast” – the first meal you eat after the overnight fast of 8 to 12 hours since your last meal. By morning, your body needs energy.


No time to eat in the mornings? What about:

On the bus or train:

  • save time – make your breakfast the night before so you can take it on the run
  • toast with peanut butter
  • piece of fruit
  • tub of yoghurt
  • Up and Go® or popper of milk
  • muesli bar with nuts and fruit.

People who eat breakfast:

  • feel better in the mornings
  • learn more and can think more clearly
  • are more alert
  • are less moody and irritable
  • get a boost of nourishing calcium, iron, B vitamins and fibre
  • feel less hungry by morning tea or lunchtime
  • control their weight more easily.